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அதிகம் படிக்கப்பட்டவை

My statement was misinterpreted: Prakashraj Clarifies

Actor Prakashraj was criticised in social media for welcoming Rajinikanth entering politics in Tamilnadu, despite openly saying 'Only Kannadigas should rule Karnataka'.

Prakash Raj took to twitter to clarify his stand and also he slammed those who has musinterpreted his statement. "Dear Communal gang..By misinterpreting my statements at Bengaluru press club..aren’t you proving you are cowards and desperate #justasking" he tweeted.

"My statement in Bengaluru press club was to YOU communal politicians... that we the citizens in Karnataka.. Tamilnadu.. Andhra.. Telangana.. Kerala or any where in india.. should not let YOU come and do your dirty...communal...divisive...politics in the forthcoming elections. By misinterpreting my statement and trying to spread hatred towards me .. in other language states you are only proving your FEAR and DESPERATION"

"Don't you realise people will call your bluff eventually. #justasking" he tweeted.