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அதிகம் படிக்கப்பட்டவை

Interested in films? Sathyaraj's daughter clarifies on rumour

Sathyaraj's daughter Divya has once again clarified about her disregard for a career in film industry.

In a official press statement Divya stated "There has been a lot of news on social media in the recent past stating that I am interested in acting in films. It is completely untrue as I am not interested in a career in films. I have been practicing as a nutritionist for about 7 years and consult at two clinics in Chennai. I am currently doing my PHD in nutrition."

"Although I respect the film industry a lot and watch a lot of movies I have never been interested in a career in films. I have been part of a documentary film on health and nutrition but I was never inclined towards feature films."