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அதிகம் படிக்கப்பட்டவை

Video: How Tamil cinema predicted 500, 1000 Rupee Note ban several years ago

The Indian Government's decision to withdraw 500/1000 Rupee notes as a legal tender, as a measure to curb black money, is getting accolades from all the sides. The social media is in awe over the bold decision made by the government led by Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, the social media is digging out all the old videos from the Tamil cinema which has predicted this move several years ago.

An vintage video from a movie released 60 years back is the first instance.

Later Director Shankar in the movie Sivaji, which released in 2007, has given an idea to curb blackmoney by banning 500/1000 rupee notes.

Shankar has said in twitter that it is a dream come moment for him.

The most recent one is from Pichaikaaran movie, in which a begger will tell us to image about the situation if 1000 rupee notes become invalid.