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Balloon Movie Review

Balloon Movie Review


Jai and Anjali starrer Balloon is now out in theaters. Jai who only had acted in romantic roles, has now used horror genre for the much needed breakthrough. Continue reading our review to know whether that


Jai, an aspiring director approaches a producer with a bounded script. The producer asks him to keep that script on hold and asks him to script a horror film. Jai who doesn't want to miss that offer decides to go on a trip to Ooty to investigate about a ghost house.

Jai along with his wife Anjali, nephew and two assistants travels to Ooty and stays in a resort. They start to collect information from nearby people and later they start to witness some strange things in the house. Has the ghost entered their house? Who is that ghost and who killed them? Did Jai completed his horror script and made his debut film? - the rest of the film has the answer for all these questions.

If you have a question why this film was titled Balloon, a flashback portion in the second half portrays how a balloon seller was killed by power hungry villain. He is the

What's hot and what is not:

Jai was only seen in chocolate boy roles since the beginning, and he too is now bitten by the horror bug. But sadly Jai's role has been overshadowed by Yogi Babu's role in the first half of the film.

Director Sinish seems to have decided to make a film with his real life experience in making a film, but fails miserably. A slow paced screenplay tests our patience in the first half.

Meanwhile Anjali had done her part perfectly, and her onscreen chemistry with Jai was more then marvelous. Yuvan's songs and background score weren't remarkable.

On the whole, Balloon is a predictable, boring and one time watchable.

Rating: 2.0/5.0