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அதிகம் படிக்கப்பட்டவை

Sketch Movie Review

Vikram has never been fortunate when he acted in gangster films and several of his earlier films like Bheema, Raajapattai had only got negative response from the moviegoers. And this time again Vikram is featuring as a gangster in Sketch. Did Vikram succeded this time in impressing the audience? continue reading our review to know.


Jeeva aka Sketch, an expert in plotting a sketch for seizing vehicles, works for a garage owner who is in the business of financing vehicles. He falls for Tamannaah, a brahmin girl, at the first site and then gets her nod too after some efforts.

The life for him and his three other friends turns upside down after they seizes the car of a local dhadha who is involved in drug smuggling.

The villain plots to kill Vikram and his friends, and the film is all about whether Vikram managed to save his friends and killed the villain.

What's hot and what is not:

Vikram's onscreen charisma is the only thing that made us sitback and watch this film. He tried to carry the entire film in his shoulders, but the outdated gangster script and soul-less execution let the film down. Other characters including heroine weren't given enough significance.

S.Thaman's background score worked very well, but the songs despite being soothing were only speedbreakers.

On the whole, Sketch is just another mass masala entertainer. It may impress the fans of Chiyaan Vikram and those who watch it without any expectation.

Rating: 3.0/5.0