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Kajal Agarwal Endorses "Giving Back - NGO India-2014"!

Kajal Agarwal who is one of the reputed and well established actress in the southern cinema industries will now be the new face of the 'Giving Back - NGO India 2014'.

The third edition of 'Giving Back' has been scheduled on September 25 and 26, and it will surely provide exposure to almost 120 Non-Governmental Oraganisations all over the world.

In a press statement the actress has quoted ""Being a member of the Indian film fraternity, I am happy to draw people's attention and sensitize them towards the social issues faced by the Indian society".

"Today, there is a considerable amount of awareness and attempt towards building a sustainable India, amongst various sections of society including the film industry. What Giving Back - NGO India does, is bring these sections of society together and consolidate the attempts into a concrete and collective course of action" said the actress.

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