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அதிகம் படிக்கப்பட்டவை

A new Hindi actress debuts in Tamil!

Salony, a Mumbai based Theater artist, will now be debuting in Tamil by the film Sarabham.

Sarabham is to be directed by the Arun mohan who is the former assistant director of Gautam Menon, and also it is to note that he is the son of actor Anu Mohan.

Sarabham will be having Naveen chandra in the lead and Salony will be pairing him.

As this is her first film, she has said that she has always dreamed to be an actress and was even trained for that.

Sarabham will be produced by C.V.Kumar who has produced films like Pizza, soodu kavvum, Thegidi etc. Currently the shooting of the film is in progress and the film is expected to release later this year.