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Joker Censor Board report - Rajumurugan Reveals

Director Raju Murugan’s political satire film, Joker, featuring Guru Somasundaram in the lead role, is all set to release on 12th of August.

Talking about the movie, Raju Murugan said “Time has changed and people have started to discuss politics in social media. But, it isn’t the same case in cinema. Why is politics not being talked about in cinema?, I would think and Joker answers that question.

Artists shouldn’t be approached politically. Artists are artists, and see them in that way. We thought, we wouldn’t get the censor certificate, but fortunately, the film was given a ‘U’ certificate. No political parties have threatened us so far. The censor board gave cuts for few cuss words and violent scenes here and there, but they have accepted the fact that everyone should talk and discuss about politics. It is a good thing, that the film is releasing ahead of Independence day.”

Joker is produced by S.R.Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures, and the music is composed by Sean Roldan.